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Mike Lafferty - The Real Estate Guru

gator picJack opened one eye, then the other. The early morning sun was blinding, his head pounding from dehydration caused by the night before. As he squinted in pain a large shadow blocked out the sun. The shadow seemed to be getting closer, but Jack’s eyes couldn’t focus. All of a sudden a giant wet tongue licked his face. Jack jerked back swinging his arms at his attacker, hitting his head on something hard. Before Jack could fully grasp what was happening he heard a man’s voice call…

“Hugo! Get over here! Leave him alone!” and the giant black Great Dane grabbed his tennis ball and sprinted away splashing slobber as he ran.

Jack rubbed the back of his head as he stood up. Confused, he looked around studying his surroundings.   Jack was in the middle of Colonial Park, Savannah’s oldest cemetery. The Old Cemetery opened for business in 1750 and…

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