Decade In Review

We are 7 days into the new year and 7 days into a new decade.  I’ve read post after post of individuals reviewing how great that last year was or wasn’t.  How this year is going to be the year to “cut out all toxic people, make more money, go to the gym (which is packed with everybody in new sweat whisking shirts they got for Christmas), and focus on me.”  After reading all the posts I felt I needed to look back on the last Decade and after several hours of reflection while smoking a Monticristo #4 (Cuban cigar) and imbibing in a few rums (also Cuban) my thoughts on the last decade are this.


I say that with an *.  The last two years have been great.  Business is good and I’m in a relationship with a great woman that makes me a better person (no need to put the next decade in jeopardy), but WTF.  I experienced more in 10 years than most do in 10 life times.

Here are just a few of the highlights:

Lost a House, (not once, but twice.  One in the Real Estate crisis and one in divorce), lived in 6 different houses, lost a great friend to cancer, lost a cousin to cancer, had a baby boy (before divorce), wrote a book “Storm Surge” available on Amazon, started a new book no title yet, became a contract Federal Investigator doing investigations on individuals getting Top Secret clearances, got my own Top Secret Clearance and spent time at NASA and Patrick AFB where I got lost and found myself next to a SpaceX launch pad with a rocket getting ready for launch, met the next Edward Snowden (stopped him), lost my contract, lost some friends, made some new great ones and traveled to new locations.

That’s just the highlights, but the one thing that really got to me was the fact I got FAT.

So starting this year I’m going to “get rid of toxic people in my life, go to the gym, make more money and focus on me”.

Can’t wait to see what kind of crazy things will happen in the next 10 years.

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