Do Realtors Forget What It’s Like To Buy A House?

Do Realtors forget what it’s like to buy a house?

The short answer is Yes.

As Realtors we are involved with every aspect of a purchase or a sale, but we are not the ones living and dying with each offer.  We don’t ride that emotional rollercoaster like our clients do.  We like to think we do, but we don’t.  And once our clients  finally come to an agreement to purchase a house we don’t have to go through the deep probing exam known as the Loan Application.  We don’t have to read the home inspection that will make you question, with every fiber of your body, your decision to buy this house.  We don’t have to go to bed each night discussing the house with our spouses digging up all the old wounds about not caring about her ideas or her in-laws (this is just an example. It didn’t happen).  And we also don’t have to find out that the roof was replaced after a hurricane without permits being pulled (that may have happened).

My wife and I went through the home buying process just 4 months ago and even though our lender was great and our Realtor (me) was awesome the process was just a couple of levels above the prostate exam I had last year. It’s not fun.  It starts out fun, but it’s not fun.

Spouse 1….”Don’t you love it honey?  All we have to do is paint, replace the flooring, the kitchen cabinets and all the bathrooms.”

Spouse 2….”That sounds great.”

Spouse 2 thinking…”What will this cost?”  or “What?”

I didn’t use Husband or wife to stay politically correct.

It’s a huge challenge to stay enthusiastic about what you are doing and not to worry about the fact that over the next 30 years you are going to pay 4 times what you paid for it because of your loan interest.

As Realtors we can’t buy a house every 2 years like continuing education and we can’t be there in bed with our client/clients when they discuss all the things that come along with buying a house (some may want to, but that’s for another time). All we can do is try to remember what it was like and make sure the process is as easy as possible and do everything to keep our clients from divorcing or jumping off a bridge.

Some advice to anyone that is looking to buy or sell a house.  Interview your realtor.  Choose one that you are willing to spend a lot of time with.  Because you may find yourself talking about them, thinking about them or with them in your bed at night.

Your Real Estate Guru

Real Estate Guru?

This is my Blog:  Mike Lafferty – The Real Estate Guru.  What’s a Real Estate Guru you ask? First lets start with the definition of Guru.

noun gu·ru \ˈgr-(ˌ)ü, ˈgü-(ˌ)rü also gə-ˈrü\

  • a religious teacher and spiritual guide in Hinduism
  • a teacher or guide that you trust
  • a person who has a lot of experience in or knowledge about a particular subject

I qualify for two of the three definitions.  I’ll let you figure out which two.

Now, even if a person qualifies for the title of Guru it still takes some confidence (arrogance) to tell others you’re a GURU. Or does it?  Do a quick google search for Real Estate Guru and 16,000 results come up.  Even better do a quick search for Real Estate Expert and 180,000 results come up.   All you have to do is look at Facebook or Twitter or any social media and you will see every Realtor is an expert in Luxury Property or beach front property.  Nobody ever says they are an expert in the everyday average middle class property, which most of us are.  Did you know that once an individual passes the state test and gets a license they are deemed an expert in real estate.  Then you have the coaches.  Real Estate Sales associates pay big money to have these Real Estate Coaching Guru’s tell them everything they all ready know, but they are a Coaching Guru and thus can set high fees for their knowledge.

If you spend any time watching the many 24/7 news channels they frequently have Real Estate experts on telling us what the market is like, but the best is when they have on the Real Estate Guru’s.  The funny thing is these “Guru’s” don’t say any more than the experts and most time say what is learned in Real Estate 101.  I think it’s the hair that makes them a Guru.

I’ve sold real estate for 11 years now.  I’ve been the broker/owner of The Lafferty Group Real Estate for 8 years and brokered close to 600 deals.  I’m a past president of My Local Realtors association and a licensed real estate instructor.  I have a Finance degree from The University of Florida and I don’t take myself very seriously.  This blog will be sarcastic most of the time with some important real estate information sprinkled in to help anyone that reads it.

So, with all that, this is my blog and I am now your – Real Estate Guru